Automated Trading

How to Automated Trading With Forex Robots

How to Automated Trading With Forex Robots ? 
Of course you must already have a trading robot.

  1. Then save the trading robot on your computer.
  2. Copy the Trading Robot File!
  3. Then Open Metatrader4.
  4. Set the Metatrader4 so that only the EURUSD H1 Forex chart is displayed.
  5. Then click the File menu in the top left corner of your MetaTrader4.
  6. Click Submenu Open Data Folder.
  7. Click MQL4 Folder.
  8. Click Experts Folder.
  9. Paste the Trading Robot File there.
  10. Close your Metatrader4.
  11. Wait A Few Seconds.
  12. Reopen your Metatrader4.
  13. Click Menu Navigator.
  14. Click Expert Advisor Folder.
  15. Find the Trading Robot there.
  16. After the Trading Robot is Found.
  17. Attach the Trading Robot to the EURUSD H1 Forex Chart.

How to Attach a Trading Robot to the EURUSD H1 Forex Chart:

  1. Right Click On Trading Robot.
  2. Click Attact To A Chart.
  3. Click Commont.
  4. Check Box Allow Live Trading.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Look at the right corner of the EURUSD H1 Forex chart. A frowning face appears.
  7. This means that the Trading Robot has been successfully installed on the Forex Chart but the Trading Robot is not yet active.
  8. To activate the trading robot, click menu AUTO TRADING.
  9. Now See The Trading Robot Is Active and Already Making Transactions.
How to Automated Trading With Forex Robots

What You Need To Know:

  • If your computer is turned off, then the trading robot is not active.
  • For that you have to rent a Forex VPS so that your trading robot can run 24 non-stop even if your computer is turned off.
  • If you don’t want to rent a Forex VPS but your trading robot wants to be able to run 24 hours non-stop, you have to keep your computer on. But for such a method is not good, because the temperature of your computer will be hot and can cause your computer to be damaged.

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